Emergency Food

Emergency Food Storage was founded in 2009 and is now the leading UK supplier of Emergency Food, freeze dried food, survival food and Mountain House Food. We offer a one stop shop for all your food storage needs, including survival food, survival supplies, freeze dried food, water storage, water purification and water filters. The Uk’s Number 1 place for Emergency Food and Survival Freeze Dried Food Trussell Trust foodbanks provide a minimum of three days’ emergency food and support to people in crisis. Learn how it works. Find great deals on eBay for emergency food and survival food. Shop with confidence. Cost effective space saving long shelf-life nutrition. When evaluating an Emergency Food Kit please take note of the total number of meals / calories included in the pack. Some suppliers will label a 90-meal emergency food pack as a ‘3 month supply’. That is only one meal a day! A UK prepping store stocking a wide range of emergency freeze dried food, water filters, bug out bags and disaster survival gear. .

With unrest around the world, climate change, and catastrophic and natural disasters, having an emergency kit prepared with survival and emergency food is essential. Disasters can come in many forms: MORE tornadoes, forest fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and blizzards. Seven OceanS Emergency Food Ration is primarily designed to provide a balanced diet for survival at sea for use onboard liferafts and lifeboats. .

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