Emergency Prep

Download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store for FREE. Functions like a weather radio, but with unique local alerts from emergency officials. Scouts are often called upon to help because they know first aid and they know about the discipline and planning needed to react to an emergency situation. Focused CE Series . Register for our interactive webinars with nationally known clinical experts on specific topic areas. Get InformedKnow what disasters could affect your area, which could call for an evacuation and when to shelter in place.Keep a NOAA Weather Radio tuned to your local The Seattle Office of Emergency Management partners with the community to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. Emergency Prep meetings for the 2017-18 school year are at the LWSD Resource Center, in the room listed. An email with a meeting reminder and agenda will be sent to .

Emergency Zone Family Prep Survival Kit 4 Person Emergency Go Bag 72 Hour Kit. Be Prepared for Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Wildfires. – – Amazon.com You can take steps now to help you prepare for an emergency and cope if a public health emergency, such as a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or disease outbreaks Emergency Zone Family Prep Survival Kit 2 Person Emergency Go Bag 72 Hour Kit. Be Prepared for Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Wildfires. – – Amazon.com In an emergency, every second counts. Planning what to do before a disaster strikes provides the best protection for you and your family. .

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