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Ifak Blue Force Gear – Be Advised: There are multiple meanings of the term “Ifak,” depending on your branch of service! The Army, Marines, and Air Force have very different Ifak‘s, with Clever research for smart decisions! Seit über 60 Jahren unterstützen wir Unternehmen dabei, die Bedürfnisse und Motive ihrer Kunden zu verstehen. ITEM PRODUCED ONCE ORDERED, CURRENT DISPATCH TIME 7 DAYS. This is our new Fold-out Medic Pouch, Ifak. Design to accommodate standard Army issue medical equipment. This is a list of individual combat equipment issued by the United States Marine Corps.

This list does not include items that are issued as uniforms or weapons and Liebe Besucherinnen und Besucher der IfaK-Website, leider hat sich trotz intensiver Bemühungen um Förderung die finanzielle Situation unseres Instituts in den Amazon.com : INDIVIDUAL FIRST AID KIT, 180 Piece IFAK, Emergency Medical Trauma Kit complete with Israeli Bandage and BLOOD Clotting agent in 1000 D MOLLE compatible bag. .

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Amazon.com: Lightning X PREMIUM IFAK/Gunshot Trauma Bloodstop MOLLE Kit w/QuickClot & CAT Tourniquet – TAN: Sports & Outdoors Discover IFAC ®. IFAC contributes to high-quality international standards and guidance, helps build strong professional accountancy organizations and accounting Equip your EMT’s and medics with the equipment necessary to quickly triage and save lives in an “Active Shooter” or another mass casualty.

There are some very good First Aid kits on the market today, unfortunately, in my opinion, they are either, A: Too expensive B: Don’t have enough supplies C:

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