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suppliers of tactical & survival equipment for airsofting and the military Thanks for helping us Beta Test the site. We’ll be rolling out hundreds of new products from your favorite brands in the coming weeks. Sign up to receive email Viper has been involved in the military and outdoor markets for over 10 years Therefore we have the experience, the knowledge, the resources and the feedback to offer The first M-Pro7 BoreSnake kit for all M-16/AR-15 style rifles. Also works on .22, .222, .223, .225, .22 hornet, .308, M2, 7.62×39, 30-30, .30-06, .300, .303, .300 mag. Complete LED Tactical Flashlight Kit – EcoGear FX TK120: Handheld Light with 5 Light Modes, Water Resistant, Zoomable – Best Outdoor, Everyday Flashlights with Buy Fully Stocked Tactical Trauma Kit First Aid Kit Bag on Amazon.com FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders .

Juggernaut Tactical is proud to introduce the Hellfighter Kit, the perfect, ultra-fast California Compliant magazine lock solution for your AR-10 or AR-15. Designed with the needs of tactical shooters in mind, this kit contains all the products and tools needed to clean and maintain weapons for optimal perrformance and The Quick Release Barrel Kit lets you easily remove your barrel for compact storage and discreet transport Convert your Glock to .22 Long Rifle with this convenient kit from Tactical Solutions. Check out our Tactical Solutions Glock .22 LR Conversion Kit review. .

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